How often do you restock your store?
Top selling product will always be restocked as soon as possible. but I cannot guarantee every product I make will always have stock.


Can I use your art as my profile picture?
Absolutely! As long as you are not profiting off my art/brand. for personal use it is completely fine. 


Can I get a Tattoo of your art?
I sell Tattoo Tickets in my store for $20. once purchased you can choose which art of mine you want to get tattooed on you!


What application do you use to draw and animate?
I use the application procreate on the Ipad with an Apple Pencil to animate and draw. I use Adobe Premier to put together the animations into a finalized state.


Do you take commissions?
Honestly I hate drawing stuff I don't want to draw. if you want a commission by me, your best shot is messaging me on Instagram or Twitter (Twitters your best bet.) when you message me, immediately send a picture of what you want commissioned (if you don't start your message with an image I wont even consider it) and if I like your idea and I think I'm ok with drawing it ill message back. Prepare to spend $50+


What's the best way to contact you for business purposes?
My business email is eveoarts@gmail.com